Time To Party & Level Up Your Marketing!

After the success of the Friend or Foe Chrome Extension, we decided it was time to celebrate!
Now the same team is proud to present HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Happy Birthday is perfect to skyrocket your organic reach on Facebook.
What it does:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY engages with all your Facebook friends on their birthday by posting one of 10 customizable messages on their wall - You can wish them a great day (or market to them on their special day!) - and it does this on full autopilot!
This will drastically increase your reach, get more eyes on you and your product, and you can watch your numbers soar.
This extension can increase your sales up to 300%!

Happy Birthday can actually sell itself and make you money?

Start Wishing Your Social Media
Friends A Happy Birthday...
On Autopilot!

Engage With All Your Friends On Facebook And LinkedIn

Your new Happy Birthday extension engages with everyone on your friendslist on their special day. This will make sure you won’t forget anyone - no more awkward 'Belated Happy Birthday' messages for you, because you'll have that covered!

Send Up To 10 Customizable Messages To Your Friends On Their Birthday

You can send out 10 fully customizable messages (with links - you're welcome, internet marketers!). This helps your engagement, and makes sure your messages never look like they're automatic!

Become An Affiliate For A Product That Sells Itself On Autopilot!

If you buy Happy Birthday now, you can apply to be an affiliate who gets 45% commissions from your referral sales! (You can even refer other affiliates and get a $10 commission over every sale THEY make!)

You read that right..

Not only do you have the chance to boost your reach and engagement to incredible heights, you also have the chance to tell others about it and get 45% affiliate commissions (as well as refer OTHER affiliates and get $10 for every sale they make!) This means if 3 people buy through your referral link, you've already made your money back!
Remember the links we just mentioned up there? Simply drop your unique affiliate link into your customizable messages and let Happy Birthday sell itself and generate money for you on autopilot!

Here’s Why You Should Buy Our Amazing Product 😍

  • You'll Never Forget To Wish Your Friends List A Happy Birthday
  • 10 Customizable Messages Make Your Messages Look Personal
  • You Engage With And Can Market To Your Entire Friends List On Autopilot!

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